Differences in Online and Face-to-Face Poker Games
Mobile casino no deposit bonus codes has grown in popularity and credibility recently to the point that some payers play only online free spins no deposit games. Many online players seldom (or never) play face-to-face poker, while many players who spend their time at casino tables would never venture online to play the game against “faceless” opponents.

While the basic game being played is the same there are differences between online and face-to-face poker games. Let’s look at some of these differences:

Poker Faces Are Not Required.
This is the biggest difference between the two games. Because you are not physically at a poker table you cannot “read” your opponents face or their mannerisms. This is the reason most traditional poker players give for not playing online poker. For traditional poker players much of the game of poker is “playing the player” that is using body cues and mannerisms against the opposing player. Without these the game becomes much more the luck of the cards.

When playing online poker a poker face is purely optional (and unnecessary). You have total anonymity, your opponents cannot pick up on subtle body cues as they might at a traditional poker table game, and you are free to behave as you wish. If you get the perfect flop, you can jump up and scream with delight, and none of your opponents will know.

When learning the game online players can look up starting hands in a chart, use calculators to figure pot odds, or quickly check on the advice of their favorite poker author on how to play. These sort of things are frowned upon at casino tables.

The Pace Is Different.
As well as being faceless an online poker game is faster than a casino poker game, much faster. While dealing cards in a real sit-down poker room takes a moment or two, it takes less than a second in an online poker game. In live play the players fold their hands one at a time, taking a moment to do so. Online poker players push a “fold” button and when their turn comes around the hand is mucked in an instant.

No Tipping The Dealer.
While kitchen table poker players don’t have to worry about tipping the dealer, casino poker players do. Tipping the dealer (or “toking”) is a real cost of playing the game at a casino but is just not part of online poker playing, making online play a bit easier on the wallet.

Lower Rakes.
There are costs involved in running a poker game. While costs are not a concern with a small kitchen table game, poker room games are run as a business and they have to cover their expenses. Roadhouse card-room rake rates in your area are usually in line with casino rake rates as the costs involved in running a face-to-face game are similar, and these costs have to be covered. Online casinos have less overhead, the costs aren’t the same, and so the rakes are lower.

The limits at online games are much more accommodating. While higher limit games may not be as plentiful online, you can find $.01 and $.02 games. With higher overhead costs casinos simply can’t afford to deal these low limit games but online poker rooms with their lower costs can.