Omaha – The Other Hold’em Poker Game
The majority of tournament free signup bonus no deposit mobile casino players tend to prefer and only play Texas Hold’em poker. However Texas Hold’em is not the only hold’em game in town. A majority of online poker rooms have another variation of hold’em poker called Omaha. Omaha Hold’em poker is a lot like Texas Hold’em poker. The largest differences are that the initial deal has each player receiving four cards face down rather than two and there is a requirement that a player must make his/her best hand using two face down cards and three community cards. Thus you can’t for example, make a full house using three cards from your hand and two from the community cards since you can play only two of your down cards in a hand.

For variety some poker rooms (Party Poker for one) offer both a ‘normal’ Omaha poker game as well as a high/low (8’s or better) Omaha game. Omaha Hi-Lo poker is a variation of the regular Omaha game in which the pot is split and can be paid out to both the highest hand, and the lowest hand. It is possible for a player to win both high and low pots by playing different cards from their hand. Low hands usually must meet a requirement that all of the five cards in the hand are valued less than eight. The requirement that three of the cards in a hand must be community cards sometimes results in a low hand being unable to be made. This would be the case if three of the five community cards have a value of eight or more. When this situation arises the entire pot is awarded to the high-hand winner.

If you’re going to start playing regular Omaha poker and/or Omaha Hi-Lo poker, especially if you play Texas Hold’em regularly, keep in mind the average hand is usually better in Omaha than in Texas Hold’em. Thanks to the additional hole cards each player receives a player has a better chance of making a winning hand in Omaha Hold’em than in Texas Hold’em. For example, if there is a pair showing in the community cards, and there is a number of players playing, the odds of someone having a full house is large. This feeling about what a ‘good hand’ is (and is not) is often difficult for regular Texas Hold’em players to adjust to.

All told Omaha Hold’em is a lot of fun to play. While the game does take a bit of getting used to it’s well worth the effort. Omaha is exciting to play, there’s a lot of betting done and with four starting cards it is often worth staying in to see the flop.