No-limit, Pot limit or Table limit – poker. Which is better?
Poker involves no deposit bonus mobile casino and you should understand the different types of betting available to you before you decide to join in a game. Of the variety of betting types available there are only three general categories for you to decide among. These three are; No-limit Poker, Limit Poker, and Pot Limit Poker. The type of game you decide to join should be decided by; your skill level, your financial situation, and your comfort in taking risks.

No-Limit Betting

No-limit new slot sites is the type normally seen on televised poker tournaments such as the World Series of Poker Tournament. In a poker game with no-limit betting there is basically no limit on the amount of money players can bet when it’s their turn. Many players feel that no-limit poker is the ultimate poker game as a player can bet all of his/her chips on a hand. To level the playing field a little, poker tables usually have table maximums, the maximum amount of chips that a player can bring to the table to play with. This puts a limit on the amount a player can lose in a game and stops a modest player from being bullied by a player with a large bankroll.

Unlike the old movie clich, real poker rooms don’t have you put your car keys in the pot to call a large bet. Players who do not have enough chips can still call the hand by going ‘all in’, the pot is simply split so the players betting fewer chips cannot win more than they bet.

Limit (Table Limit)

Despite the popularity of no-limit tournaments, table limit poker is by far the most popular variety of poker played. In limit poker each round has a set betting amount that you can make. The result is a much more predictable game with much less bluffing than in no limit games. In limit games the betting limits are well known to the players. For example, a $2/$4 limit table means that the first two rounds (pre-flop and flop) betting and raises will be limited to $2 and the last two rounds (the turn and river) betting and raises are limited to $4. To further limit the pot most casinos limit the number of times the bet can be raised, three is common. Thus the larges bet in the early rounds is $8 (the original bet of $2 plus three $2 raises) and in the later rounds $16 (the original bet of $4 plus three $4 raises). Because players cannot make large bets at the end of the hand, they are more likely to bet early in the round to get the largest possible pot. This makes it the most predictable of all the limit poker game types to choose from.

Pot Limit

In pot limit games a player may only raise as much as is currently in the pot at the time of the bet. This means there are lower betting maximums in the earlier rounds which progressively get higher with each betting round as the pot grows. The pot size in pot limit poker includes the pot on the table plus the all bets on the table plus the amount a player must call before raising. This is a little tricky to explain, so we will look at the case where three players are at the table and the pot contains $15 from the blinds.
  • Player 1 bets the maximum allowed $15 the pot limit. Player 1 has contributed $15 to the pot. The pot now holds $30.
  • Player 2 calls [$15] so the pot now contains $45 ($30 + $15 call) and raises the maximum allowed $45. Player 2 has contributed $60 ($15 + $45) to the pot. The pot now holds $90.
  • Player 3 calls [$60] so the pot now contains $150 ($90 + $60 call) and raises the maximum allowed $150. Player 3 has contributed $210 ($60 + $150) to the pot. The pot now holds $300.
  • Player 1 calls [$195 ($210 – $15)] but doesn’t raise. Player 1 has contributed $210 to the pot (a $15 raise + a $210 call). The pot now holds $495.
  • Player 2 calls [$150 ($210 – $60)] but doesn’t raise. Player 2 has contributed $210 to the pot (a $15 call + a $45 raise + a $150 call). The pot now holds $645.
  • Now if no one else raises, since all players have contributed equally, they can finish playing the hand.

Notice that the pot grows very quickly with only one bet and two pot-sized raises it went from $15 to $645. Unlike table limit betting there is usually no limit to the number of rounds of betting allowed, the pot can become very large. Players must feel comfortable with the potentially large betting rounds to successfully play in a pot limit game.

Which limit game should you play?
The type of limit poker you choose to play is largely based on your preferences, bankroll, and to some degree your level of skill. New players would be well advised not to start on no-limit tables, but can probably get away with practicing in pot-limit games with lower antes. Table limit is a good call for beginners too, but at the lower limits there are a lot of ‘loose’ players that will call most bets with almost nothing in their hands. This makes it hard for a player to bluff, and isn’t really good for the betting practice needed if you’re planning on moving up to bigger action down the road. Table limit is the most predictable, and probably the better option if you’re still new to a poker career. Pot limit and no-limit games have a positive expectation for good players, but can cost you a bundle on a bad night or if you are out-skilled.